Bathroom Installation


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Bathrooms Installation

Bathrooms Installation

Level Access Showers

Level Access Showers

walk in bathroom

Walk In Showers



Walk in Shower


Walk In Showers  or Level Access Showers provide an alternative to a bath

or shower tray and makes it possible for a person with a disability

to have a shower independently.

A walk in shower eliminates all trip hazards in the bathroom so a

person whois unstable on their feet doesn’t have to step over obstacles

to getinto the shower area






Bathroom Installation

Bathroom Installation




Tiling Installation Services

Bathroom Installation


Bathroom Installation Tips and Hints
Think about how this space can make your day-to-day life easier.
For example, have a cabinet under the cover to store all the objects you want
to have by hand or the need for separate vats for the couple.
 For the result of the bathroom remodel work well, it should be functional and not just esthetic

Lighting Is Crucial In Bathroom Remodeling

A good design should contemplate decorative lighting and also functional.

 The decorative lighting leaves the atmosphere cozy and highlights pieces and coatings.

Functional illumination must combine white and yellow light and count on lamps with high index of color reproduction, or IRC, for example.

To leave the space more inviting to the relaxation, invest in the cromoterapia, using colored filters on the lamps or showers that already incorporate this function.

Sanitary Ware Is Also Integrate Bathroom Renovation
Tubs, mixers and showers are the most important items in the environment.
Therefore, they must be chosen with great care, prioritizing beauty and practicality.
The sink and taps should work together, so pay attention to the heights of the spouts and the
distances between them and the sink, thus preventing water from splashing.
In the case of the shower, choose a model with flow suitable for your project.
Joinery is Crucial in Bathroom Renovation
Having well-designed furniture and fittings for everyday use is key.
Let alone see what deserves to be seen and store the rest in cabinets,
drawers and niches, avoiding the mess.
So the space is organized.
Details That Can not Be Overlooked in Bathroom Renovation
Prefer to have the towel racks, paper wrappings and trash cans in the
same material as the metals used and with the same design line.
Search for options at specialty stores that offer products for all budgets.
If space allows,  niches built into the masonry to support items such as soap and creams,
leaving the bathroom more clean and charming.
 TV and Sound Environment are trends for Bathrooms
These items are increasingly required in this space,
turning the bathroom into an area to spend more time and relax.
The good news is that today there are specific options
for this area and are very simple to install.
The only point is that they should be defined early in the project
because they require a special infrastructure.





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